The Nick celebrates its one-year anniversary

The Nick saw 600,000 visits last year, expects to see over one million annually

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Courtney Erdman/The Badger Herald

The Nicholas Recreation Center is celebrating its one-year anniversary Tuesday, having opened in 2020 after three years of construction.

Now, it is the most popular student recreation center on campus.

RecWell Coordinator of Communications and Outreach Anthony Ramos said the Nick’s first year was a busy one.

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“We’ve had, I believe, over 600,000 visits in the first year, and we hope that number is going to increase to over a million visits a year,” Ramos said. “It’s given students an opportunity to stay healthy during a time where health has been of increasing importance on campus.”

The Nick has 30,400 square feet of fitness space, eight courts and a 27 lane pool, according to the University of Wisconsin Recreation & Wellbeing website.

Despite having to wear a mask while exercising, some students find it convenient to use the Nick during the pandemic. Since it is the biggest recreation center that’s open, many students want to exercise at all times of the day.

But some students find it difficult to work out at the Nick due to its overwhelming popularity.

“I use the Nick every day,” one student said. “I think people love this place so much, and that is the problem.”

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The Nick is the biggest recreation center on campus while the new Natatorium is under construction — which closed last year as part of RecWell’s master plan. Until the construction of the new Natatorium is complete, many students may find themselves waiting for equipment to open up so they can work out.

The Nick was also part of RecWell’s Master Plan, as well as Near East and West Fields. The New Natatorium is expected to open to students in 2023, according to the RecWell website.


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