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Debuting in fall of 1969, the Herald was born to cover and combat the turmoil of Vietnam protests. The Herald has maintained its maverick spirit to become the widest read paper on campus.

The Herald remains completely independent of university funding. We are supported by advertising and powered entirely by students. We take great pride in reflecting the tastes and perspectives that are unique to students on the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus.

The Herald strives to present objective news, entertaining sports and arts coverage and insightful editorial stances that reflect the interests and tastes of UW-Madison’s student community. In the process, we also hope to train the next generation of student journalists for success in any of life’s paths.

We are a family, dedicated and enthusiastic. As we pursue our goals, we invite you to join us by writing a letter, purchasing an ad, applying for a job or just taking the time to read the paper, online and off.

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