Being biracial at UW could mean sacrificing an identity to conform

On a relatively segregated campus, students struggling with racial identity struggle to find home

Women's Soccer

Women’s soccer hopes to continue strong start against Drake

Badgers look to extend win streak to five games

UW-Madison Campus

Broad campus support for KKK study

Professor Noel Radomski said communicating with greater community is key to keeping UW united


Embracing diversity provides countless unique, priceless opportunities

Incoming students should take advantage of UW's diversity to challenge previous ideas


Lewis Del Mar bring attitude, acoustic charm to Madison

The High Noon Saloon hosted a laid back night with great jams

UW-Madison Campus

H-1B visa program under federal review keeps UW faculty recruitment competitive

Recent 'Buy American, Hire American' executive order could bring changes to visas for foreign faculty


Thank you for everything, Badger Herald

Work from student journalists, editors, creative writers, business people are more important than you may realize

UW-Madison Campus

Dairy experts hope tasty, healthy, UW invention could ease dairy crisis

'Athlete Treat' is lactose-free, made with cherries, hibiscus, omega 3 acids

Madtown Crier

Madtown Crier: Things are settling down for those dreaded finals

Quick, slip these in while we're still sane!


Cashmere Cat proves mastery at producing, deejaying at Majestic

Dance on!