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Men's Hockey

Men’s hockey: Wisconsin headed to semifinals in Big Ten Tournament

NCAA Tournament relies on conference championship victory


ASM’s ‘Cognitive Dissonance’ legislation is justified, but unreasonable

Though completely justified in intention, offering free tuition to black students might create more problems than it solves.


Every UW student should take an American history course

Having a required class about the history of oppression in our country is essential for creating a brighter future

UW-Madison Campus

UW Health calls attention to sustainability through recycled medical art

Biocap project depicts relationship between health care, environment, raises awareness about hidden waste

Women's Basketball

Women’s basketball: Rebuilding effort continues as Tsipis enters first offseason with team

George Washington went from 14-16 to 26-7 in four years under Tsipis because of his coaching and reputation as a strong coach


It’s on us to change the way we talk about sexual assault

Holding men accountable, educating diverse range of student communities are critical first steps


Opt out clause proves once again Walker doesn’t value UW students

Rape Crisis Center, Open Pantry, ASM bus pass would all be compromised with potential budget


While well-intentioned, UW math course packets ultimately cost students

Short custom pamphlets do not provide necessary examples, explanations required for complexity of calculus

Men's Hockey

Men’s hockey: Badgers remain No. 2 in conference after Penn State split

Loss leaves Badgers sitting 3 points back of Minnesota, 5 points clear of PSU

UW-Madison Campus

ASM votes to make UW campus food stamp accessible

Jeff Novak, director of University Housing, discussed affordable housing, food options for students

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