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Why ‘The Problem of Whiteness’ is an essential class at the University of Wisconsin

If academic freedom is important to Wisconsin legislators, they should support the new course, not complain about it

Rep. Jeff Wood\'s (right) attorney John Hyland (left) countered attacks by Rep. Steve Nass by saying pre-legislator behavior should not have any bearing today.

State Sen. Steve Nass clearly in need of a course on whiteness, masculinity

Senator unwilling to look beyond personal biases threatens UW's possibility of moving forward

Campus Carry

Campus carry raises political, moral discussion in Union South

UW's student government is circulating a survey gauging student opinion on campus carry

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UW-Madison Campus

UW leaders react to drop in research ranking

Researchers worry decline in support will make UW less competitive


Nine thoughts I had while lost on the Lakeshore Path

Boy was I scared out there

UW-Madison Campus

Blank links faculty retention issues, fall in research ranking to UW System budget cuts

In a Dec. 2 interview, chancellor talks increasing number of in-state students, sexual assault, diversity on campus

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UW-Madison Campus

Out-of-state tuition would increase $4,000 under proposal

Tuition increase expected to raise $9.6 million in funding for UW

UW-Madison Campus

UW students encouraged to get second meningitis vaccination elsewhere

Decision resulted from unexpected pull-back from federal outbreak funding


Hitlist: The calm before finals

You made it through Thanksgiving, but honey, there’s a storm brewing

UW-Madison Campus

ASM supports sexual assault survivors, undocumented students on campus

Representatives passed legislation asking university to protect undocumented students

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