UW-Madison Campus

Doctors highlight smoking, diet as factors in preventing dementia

5.3 million people currently suffer from Alzheimer’s in the U.S., rate could triple by 2050


To ensure safety of UW campus, it is crucial that students be allowed to carry firearms

Restrictive gun laws not proven to decrease gun violence, disproving liberal cries for stricter regulations

UW-Madison Campus

ASM passes legislation encouraging widespread e-textbook usage

Student government hopes to reduce cost of classroom materials for students


A combined academic effort must be made to combat limited climate change policy

Climate change, like many issues, is not black and white


UW students deserve better than a travel ban

International students, faculty at UW should not have to feel ashamed of where they come from


Divestment challenges Zionist occupation, not Jewish faith

Holding Israel accountable for actions has nothing to do with respect for Judaism

UW-Madison Campus

UW students to compete in one of world’s most difficult programming competitions

Grueling competition requires teams to solve series of complex problems in just five hours


It’s time UW and the Madison community widen its update of racism

Just because you don't consider it racist doesn't mean it isn't

UW-Madison Campus

H-1B visa program under federal review keeps UW faculty recruitment competitive

Recent 'Buy American, Hire American' executive order could bring changes to visas for foreign faculty

Men's Basketball

Men’s basketball: Hayes cements his legacy in final season

Senior forward Nigel Hayes earns The Badger Herald's Male Athlete of the Semester