A conservative group dropped their lawsuit alleging voter fraud in the 2020 election in Wisconsin after their leader questioned the legality of the election without evidence.

True the Vote’s lawyers filed to dismiss cases alleging voter fraud in four states that were crucial in the 2020 presidential election, including Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Georgia. These cases were dismissed less than a week after they were filed, according to the Wisconsin State Journal.

According to the Wisconsin State Journal, True the Vote founder Catherine Engelbrecht baselessly claimed voter fraud occurred in states President-elect Joe Biden won in an attempt to cast doubt on Biden’s victory, despite the Department of Homeland Security calling this election “the most secure in American history.”

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This comes after University of Wisconsin professors said they did not believe a recount would change much in Wisconsin, and they think it is a way for President Donald Trump to drag out the election.

UW Political Science Professor Barry Burden stated his thoughts on the lawsuits and recounts in the state of Wisconsin in an email to The Badger Herald.

“Trump and his allies are pursuing recounts and lawsuits that have no real chance of changing the vote totals in any meaningful way,” Burden wrote in an email. “It may be a way to raise more funds, but it is more likely part of a concerted effort to cast doubt over the outcome, soften the blow for Trump, and undermine the incoming administration.”

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According to the Wisconsin State Journal, the Trump administration and its supporters have filed many lawsuits alleging voter fraud, but the cases have been dismissed, rejected, or are still awaiting a decision.

The failure of these cases to go in Trump’s favor has helped reassure Democrats who were concerned about the final decision of the election’s integrity going to the Republican-majority Supreme Court, according to The Hill.