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Protasiewicz must hear redistricting cases despite Republican objections

Republican calls for judge to recuse herself aim to counter court's 5-4 liberal majority


The Badger Herald Editorial Board: The bounds of free speech

Amid series of controversial speakers at UW, we must consider how to resist harmful speech without restricting constitutional liberties


Among many criticisms, Utah social media law imposes sweeping First Amendment restrictions

Though intended to protect minors on social media, Utah law may unconstitutionally prevent some adults from accessing digital content

State of Wisconsin

Important issues, topics for upcoming Wisconsin Supreme Court election

Primary election issues include access to abortion, redistricting


Lawsuits challenging student debt relief program harm potential beneficiaries

Despite faulty claims of violating equal protections clause, student debt relief promotes financial freedom, equality


Report outing Oath Keeper members serves as example of accountability

Free press serves as non-violent tactic for holding elected officials responsible to constituents


Baldwin, Johnson at odds over same-sex marriage bill

Act would protect same-sex marriage in wake of overturn of Roe v Wade

State of Wisconsin

UPDATED: Legality of abortion uncertain after U.S. Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade

Wisconsin Planned Parenthood temporarily suspends abortion services in response to Supreme Court ruling

State of Wisconsin

Wisconsin US Senators announce views on Ketanji Brown Jackson nomination

Votes for Jackson are split almost evenly along party lines, with both Baldwin and Johnson following along their parties


Wisconsin Republicans introduce restrictive abortion bill endangering those with uteri

Bill would limit medical choice and increase private, more dangerous abortion practices

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