State of Wisconsin

New poll finds Democratic candidates leading over Trump in Wisconsin

Poll tabulates attitudes on immigration, gun control

State of Wisconsin

Marquette Law poll finds partisan divide in support for Mueller report, Sanders leading presidential race

Forty-two percent of respondents said they were confident report is "fair and impartial"

State of Wisconsin

Republican attempts to limit executive power in light of Evers win may prove unsuccessful, UW experts say

Evers begins transition amid Republican attempts to limit gubernatorial power

State of Wisconsin

Wisconsin behind trend to legalize weed

Opponents warn of marijuana's dangers, Wisconsin Legislature slow to take action to legalize

State of Wisconsin

Republicans could push for further cuts to UW System budget in upcoming session

Students, faculty expected to fight against budget cuts

State of Wisconsin

In a Republican-controlled state Legislature, black legislators struggle to achieve equal representation

Legislators say white representatives make major decisions without understanding how they affect inner city populations

State of Wisconsin

Wisconsin voter ID law leads to 19 rejected ballots

Almost 300,000 people did not have valid ID to vote


Professors outline possibilities for future gubernatorial elections

Field could be wide open if Walker doesn't run

UW-Madison Campus

UW experts explore impact of social media in 2016 presidential race

Trump leveraged Twitter to gain more traditional media attention, exposure, UW expert says

State of Wisconsin

Voting in November? All you’ll need is your signature

Judge provides relief to those with 'unreasonable barriers' to getting valid ID; UW still encourages students to obtain voter ID