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City of Madison

‘Conditions of Confinement’ legislative package targets Wisconsin prison reform

Seventeen bills address hygiene, visitation, recreational time in Wisconsin prison system


Ranked-choice voting proposal would depolarize elections, better represent voters

Capitol, Madison, State Capitol, Carroll St,
State of Wisconsin

GOP redistricting proposal raises questions over nonpartisanship

Legislative Reference Bureau may not ensure nonpartisan district maps, experts say

UW-Madison Campus

Former Speaker Paul Ryan visits UW to discuss public policy

Bipartisanship needed to avoid government shutdown, bridge political gaps, Ryan says

State of Wisconsin

Threat of government shutdown presents local challenges

Shutdown would affect federal government services including student financial aid, political scientist says


Conservative politics prevent life-saving gun reform

Politicians fail to act despite data demonstrating correlation between lax gun laws, gun-related deaths


Point-counterpoint: Platforming controversial speakers

Recent 60 Minutes interview with Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene raises debate over role of media, free speech


Republican supermajority in Wisconsin State Senate fails to represent Wisconsin voters

With election of Republican Dan Knodl to the state Senate, Republicans have supermajority


Point-counterpoint: Decison to appoint new Wisconsin secretary of state

Following former Secretary of State Doug LaFollette's sudden resignation, controversy arises over how to select replacement


The Badger Herald Editorial Board: Issues to watch after Wisconsin’s Supreme Court election

Wisconsin's Supreme Court election will decide ideological balance of court, policy implications for future

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