The Luce Society hosted campus concealed carry activist Antonia Okafor Tuesday evening.

Before becoming a conservative, Okafor voted for former President Barack Obama in both the 2008 and 2012 elections. She believed the Second Amendment was just for those “old white men.”

After eight years of the Obama presidency, Okafor realized not only were none of the problems he promised to fix actually solved, but they all got worse.

“I was sick of waiting for the government to solve my problems in my life,” Okafor said.

A truly empowered woman and feminist should realize the Constitution does protect them, Okafor said. Women should be allowed to protect themselves even on college campuses because they are still capable and responsible adults.

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Okafor stressed the importance of women advocating for their Second Amendment rights on campus to protect themselves, especially given the high rate of campus sexual assault.

“If you’re not fighting for your rights, you’re losing them,” Okafor said.

Empowerment is key to keep women safe on campus, Okafor said. Women will lead the future of concealed carry rights advocacy.

Feminism and gun rights do not have to be separate issues, Okafor said. Women should not be afraid to advocate for their right to protect themselves.

“We can argue about the right or wrong statistics concerning sexual assault and violence against women on college campuses until we are blue in the face,” Okafor said. “But ladies and gentlemen, if just one woman is affected by violence on campus, then isn’t that one way too many?”

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The “anti-gun left” believes women are incapable of using a firearm and have a greater chance of harming themselves or innocent victims, Okafor said.

Okafor advocates for background checks, training and education before obtaining a firearm. However, she believes raising age restrictions from 18 to 21-years-old will not help the situation, especially since most college students are below 21.

“Evil has no age limit,” Okafor said.