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City of Madison

Community outreach at forefront of Madison violence prevention

Outreach officers, public health work to address violence through community outreach, research efforts


GOP must adapt to young voters’ perspectives on gun control

While most Wisconsin voters are somewhat supportive of gun control, GOP continues to alienate key voting demographic


Firearm-related suicide prevention represents crucial starting point for gun control

By implementing bipartisan measures toward common sense gun control, proposal has potential to reduce gun violence, suicide


The Badger Herald Editorial Board: MSU shooting highlights need for systemic gun reform

Following shooting at MSU, Badger Herald Editorial Board outlines need for meaningful response from law enforcement

State of Wisconsin

Gov. Evers vetoes 43 Republican-backed bills

'The right to vote is fundamental to our democracy,' Evers says about vetoed bills surrounding state election laws

State of Wisconsin

Wisconsin lawmaker says nothing can be done about gun violence, UW professor disagrees

'If someone chooses to break the law, there is very little that we can do besides arrest them after they’ve committed the act,' Wisconsin Assembly Speaker says

Police Car

How Wisconsin can begin to reform its law enforcement

With nation reeling from Kenosha shooting comes a renewed push for police, social reform


Incident surrounding Kenosha protest shootings highlights need for additional gun control

As Kyle Rittenhouse stands trial for his involvement in Kenosha shooting, Wisconsin must ensure additional security measures in protests


Mental illness can’t be used to avoid gun legislation any longer

Prevalence of mass shootings, particularly on college campuses calls for massive policy overhaul


Understanding the root of the gun violence problem

Before any legislation can be productive or effective, politicians must agree to address a core issue — mental health

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