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UW-Madison Campus

Rape survivor advocates for campus carry, encourages healing process for fellow survivors

Amanda Collins Johnson explains her beliefs on campus carry following personal experiences

UW-Madison Campus

Feminism and the Second Amendment go hand in hand, speaker says

With rise of campus sexual assault, concealed carry activist urges women to protect themselves


Rights of collective student body to safety overpower individual right to bear arms

Coupling data proving danger of campus carry with seemingly increasingly violent campus endangers students

UW-Madison Campus

Katie Pavlich discusses campus carry amid colorful protests

The contentious speaker was met with students wielding dildos, shouting 'cocks not glocks'

Letter to the Editor

Campus carry has been and will always be a bad idea

Legislation that allows for concealed possession of a firearm underestimates the complex nature of life at college

Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor: As gun violence escalates, the need for campus carry grows

Permitting qualified students with clean backgrounds to defend themselves against the threat of gun violence keeps UW safe


Campus carry raises political, moral discussion in Union South

UW's student government is circulating a survey gauging student opinion on campus carry


UW statement: we oppose campus carry

The Wisconsin State Legislature could consider a campus carry bill as early as January

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