School of Education ranked fifth best graduate school in the nation for ninth consecutive year

'While these rankings are but one measure, we like to think they're a reflection of the fabulous work that's done here,' School of Education Dean says

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The University of Wisconsin School of Education took fifth place for the ninth year in a row in U.S. News’ 2023 Best Graduate Education Schools.

U.S. News also ranked the School of Education in the top-10 of nine other education specialty areas, making the school the only one in the nation with a top-10 standing in all ranked areas.

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School of Education Dean Diana Hess believes the high success across the different departments help give the school so much success, Hess said in an email to The Badger Herald. Hess said it is not just the curriculum that puts the school in the top five best graduation education schools but also the hard work of the students and staff.

The school allows students to explore a wide range of professions, from K-12 education to Parkinson’s disease research. Hess said the school also provides different forms of financial aid for students. 

“We are able to provide guaranteed financial support to PhD students, which has enabled us to successfully compete for a very strong and diverse group of terrific students,” Hess said.

In 2020, the school launched the initiative Impact 2030 to improve and expand the opportunities and education available to students. Impact 2030 allows the already successful school to further push the boundaries of innovation.

Another unique aspect of the school is the Teacher Pledge, which is a part of Impact 2030. Students in the teacher education programs pledge to stay in WI and teach for three to four years in exchange for tuition support.

I think the Teacher Pledge is a great example of such efforts — but it’s one of many,” Hess said. “I do think people across the country are noticing what we are doing.”

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Hess views the accolades the school receives as a direct reflection of the hard work put in by students, faculty, staff and alumni. It is also what helps attract so many applicants and prospective hires, she said.

The School of Education is hiring more faculty and staff than in the past, Hess said. This year, they are hiring 20 tenure-line faculty and students to teach courses as TAs or lecturers — a sign of the school’s growing prosperity.

“It is a great recognition that means a lot of people are very dedicated to conducting outstanding work — and have been doing so, consistently, for a very long time,” Hess said. 


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