Youth in America need to learn the truth behind climate change

U.S. must make an effort to implement climate change, environmental sustainability into public school curriculum


University should prepare students for all parts of being a teacher

In light of Chicago Teacher Strike, it's important for education students to understand the field, be fully dedicated


National Academy of Education President discusses student racial inequity, lack of education continues poverty cycle

“The schools are set up to continue to produce for high income white kids,” she said


Algorithms gone awry: The impact of inappropriate data use

An examination of statistical manipulation and what needs to change


In their hands: Wisconsin educators seek solutions to statewide teacher shortage

As unfilled education positions blanket the state, educators, administrators state's future at stake


The Wisconsin Idea in a digital age

As technology and digital literacy becomes increasingly important, education must take on an innovative role in preparing students


Super seniors: Auditors at UW explore new academic paths, supplementing life experience with continued classroom engagement

With an unparalleled class audit program, Wisconsin senior citizens are allowed to further their education for free, feeding their life-long passion of learning

State of Wisconsin

Evers, Barnes urge College Democrats to vote, mobilize ahead of future elections

Evers also spoke about reforming Wisconsin's education system


Point Counterpoint: Focus on out-of-school factors to close achievement gap

Socioeconomic factors, such as poverty or access to nutritious food, must be assessed to mend education disparities

UW-Madison Campus

College Republicans host Sen. Kooyenga to discuss value of education

Kooyenga says choice of school is an important aspect in closing achievement gap