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State of Wisconsin

Democrats seek to implement mandatory comprehensive sexual education in Wisconsin schools

UW professors, student leaders provide insight into bill's implications, sex-ed in Wisconsin


Free speech center needs DEI programming to be effective

Allocation of funds to UW System has potential to help students, but only in tandem with DEI programming

State of Wisconsin

Gov. Evers announces teacher apprentice program at State of the State Address

Program aims to bolster teacher workforce amidst growing shortage

City of Madison

Kids Forward releases report on race, equity in Dane County

New ten-year retrospective reveals disparities in economic well-being, educational attainment


Proposal lowering requirements for Wisconsin school administrators threatens quality of public education

New Republican-backed bill seeks to eliminate certain licensing requirements for superintendent and principal candidates

UW-Madison Campus

ASM calls on Chancellor Mnookin to declare UW campus as sanctuary for transgender, gender-diverse students

Council hears stories from students, introduces legislation recognizing importance of transgender, gender-diverse students

State of Wisconsin

Hoocąk language organization preserves Indigenous culture

Language division offers services, apps to teach people to speak Hoocąk

State of Wisconsin

Mental health resources for K-12 schools at stake in governor’s race

‘Do you think we’ll hear a question asked in the senator’s race or the governor’s race debate about mental health?’ Wisconsin teacher asks


Wisconsin’s Holocaust education mandate needs more standardization

Without more specific guidelines, Holocaust education mandate will fail to address cultural incompetence


Hook, line and sinker: Tackling harmful health risks of fish contamination for anglers, greater community

Angling for education, safe consumption habits, environmental change

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