SSFC met to hear budget proposal from Muslim Student Association, approved Wunk Sheek funding

MSA is requesting same amount in their 2023 budget as their 2022 budget, which was $36,468.50

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The Student Services Finance Committee met Thursday to discuss issues related to segregated fees and vote on budget items.

At the beginning of the meeting, Aerin Lammers was sworn in as an SSFC Representative, increasing the amount of SSFC voting members to 15.

The SSFC then voted to approve the budget proposed last week for Wunk Sheek, an organization supporting Indigenous students at the University of Wisconsin.

According to Wunk Sheek’s official Mission Statement, Wunk Sheek strives to preserve Indigenous spiritual and cultural customs by being a service-oriented network that can educate and enlighten UW and the broader community regarding unique Indigenous identities.

The committee also approved a $150 increase to the initial Wunk Sheek budget of $36,847.50.

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In the meeting, Muslim Students Association representative Amena Saleh presented the budget and eligibility proposal for the 2023 fiscal year.

Saleh said MSA is requesting money for operations like advertising and a workshop program that will include speakers such as Minnesota Representative Ilhan Omar.

The MSA is requesting the same amount in their 2023 budget as their 2022 budget, which was $36,468.50.

According to the presentation, the MSA was founded to provide both Muslim and non-Muslim students of all backgrounds a safe space that lays the foundation for a unified and proactive community embodying the core tenets of Islam by promoting and fighting for social justice, living a balanced and ethical lifestyle and helping those in need.

According to SSFC Representative Andrew Pietroske, staying neutral yet inquisitive is important in these meetings.

“Each org is different so listening to their individual needs is important in gauging their financial needs,” Pietroske said.


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