SSFC cuts budget for Student Leadership Program, MEChA requests funding

Nicholas Recreation Center representatives seek to remain transparent about project


Mere awareness of colonial history with indigenous people insufficient toward progress

For a university situated entirely on sacred Ho-Chunk grounds, words do not substitute for actions

UW-Madison Campus

Native American historian discusses missing, murdered indigenous women

Heather Brugel discusses her findings, experiences in Native American legal system

UW-Madison Campus

Indigenous students celebrate Native November while navigating through struggles on campus

In response to lack of cultural competency on campus, Native students consistently organize spaces to celebrate culture, address key issues


SSFC to fund Wunk Sheek for next two years

SSFC also held eligibility hearing for Promoting Awareness, Victim Empowerment

UW-Madison Campus

In Photos: Wisconsin Native American tribes take to tradition at spring Powwow

Tribal dancers performed colorful cultural demonstrations at annual event


SSFC roundup: Committee approves $20,000 to support student legal services

SSFC also nearly halves monetary resources for Wunk Sheek's annual powwow

UW-Madison Campus

Student finance committee votes to impeach members after contentious debate

Rep. Tyriek Mack, Rep. Natasha Thimmesch removed

UW-Madison Campus

#DecolonizeOurCampus campaign looks to give Native American students a voice

Native American students are 'grossly underrepresented', with less than 0.73 percent constituting UW's student population

UW-Madison Campus

Wunk Sheek highlights community ties in SSFC meeting

SSFC approves student leadership organization's funding eligibility