SSFC voted to accept eligibility for Promoting Awareness Victim Empowerment and approved their budget after making amendments, resulting in a 2% decrease in their overall budget. 

SSFC decreased the hours and salaries of several positions within PAVE in order to make their salaries budget represent less than 60%, a GSSF eligibility requirement. After amendments, SSFC Vice Chair Grace D’Souza said she met with the organization to find the best places to make budget cuts without hurting PAVE’s overall work and service to students. 

Overall, Rep. Jordan Pasbrig said PAVE has spent their past budgets well for events, and despite setbacks from COVID-19, SSFC approved the rest of their budget with a vote of 13-0-1. 

PAVE explains programming challenges amid pandemic at SSFC hearingThe Student Services Finance Committee met Thursday to discuss budget proposals of Promoting Awareness, Victim Empowerment student organization and approved Read…

SSFC also heard presentations from Atheists, Humanists and Agnostics on their GSSF eligibility and FY22 budget. AHA President Julia Meyer said the organization provides programming to create space for students to explore their faith or lack of faith, and to educate students on what it means to be secular.

During their budget presentation, Meyer said the organization experienced vacancies in several executive positions in addition, which caused the organization to make returns for the previous year’s budgets. The positions have since been filled, Meyer said, allowing the organization to use more of the budget dedicated to salaries. 

SSFC will debate and vote on AHA eligibility and budget at Thursday’s meeting.