Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor: Domestic violence is an unnoticed epidemic

This Domestic Violence Awareness month, we need to educate ourselves, advocate for greater awareness

UW-Madison Campus

PAVE, DREAMers host discussion on domestic violence in undocumented community

Report found many court cases are dropped because of undocumented status

UW-Madison Campus

Global Health, PAVE discuss impacts of domestic violence on UW campus

Attendees raised concerns about low rate of consequence for those accused of sexual assault

UW-Madison Campus

Great power, greater responsibility: The media’s role in reporting, combating rape culture

Though media can make mistakes, panelists agreed it is always striving to combat sexual violence, assault


Sexual assault awareness speaker explains how rape reflects whose bodies are valued in society

After expulsion from Tufts University following her assault, Wagatwe Wanjuki advocates for survivors


Rewatching “Beauty and the Beast” reveals unnoticed aggression, abuse

PAVE hosts a film screening dissecting violence in popular media for Domestic/Dating Violence Awareness month

UW-Madison Campus

Students, advocates discuss intersection of violence, marginalized identities

Advocate said law enforcement disregarded violence, sexual assault against transgender people

UW-Madison Campus

Intimate partner violence affects 1 in 5 UW student relationships

Societal gender norms romanticize stalking, promote violent conflict resolution


SSFC allows additional PAVE attendee to attend Violence Prevention Conference

Student organization focuses on educating campus on secular issues in their budget request

UW-Madison Campus

Kenneth Cole resigns from ASM finance committee

Resignation comes after petition to unseat him