An actor impersonating a police officer received a warning and had his props confiscated after concerned citizens called the police Tuesday night.

According to an incident report released by the City of Madison Police Department, a film crew was filming a scene of a movie that involved a police officer pulling over a driver and taking out a gun at the 500 block of West Johnson Street. The cameraman had placed signs near the scene, but passersby seemed to miss them, and one called the police. They reported someone with a gun confronting others.

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The officers thought the actor was a real MPD officer at first glance because the actor wore a police uniform shirt with MPD patches and drove a black Ford Fusion with police-style blue lights attached to the front windshield. The movie producer said he got the uniform at a costume shop.

The shirt, lights and fake gun were confiscated and a crew member received a warning for putting blue lights on a non-police vehicle.