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“Good Samaritan” takes down robber who stole wallet from backpack

Suspect arrested and charged, stolen item returned to victim

City of Madison

Madison resident chases woman with knife

Victim physically assaulted, pepper sprayed, chased down W. Mifflin

City of Madison

Madison resident arrested after entering student’s house, attempting burglary

Burglar sorted through student's desk with phone flashlight


Paying the price: How UW’s drinking culture impacts community as a whole

University officials, police work together in attempt to curb possible dangerous effects of excessive alcohol consumption

City of Madison

Mayor announces increased policing efforts to increase quality of life on State Street

Alderman states concerns, says students 'aren't safe after dark'

City of Madison

MPD investigates burning couch on West Mifflin

MPD reminds students to refrain from arson during back-to-school season

City of Madison

MPD investigates robbery on North Frances

Security camera captured footage of suspect

City of Madison

Man grabbed, robbed on Spring Street

Man said he tossed valuables, ran

City of Madison

Three shots fired at Shake the Lake music festival

MPD Chief commends responders for handling situation

City of Madison

UW student faces two felony sexual assault charges

Victim reported feeling incoherent, unable to protest assault