UW-Madison Campus

UWPD lacks Langdon area relationship MPD had in past

Report reveals UWPD had 'poor, almost non-existent relationship' with Greek life

City of Madison

Greek life voices concerns over Figueroa’s resignation

Langdon neighborhood officer left MPD ahead of scheduled reassignment in January because of lack of funding, support

City of Madison

Man jumps into Metro bus’s front window, is taken into custody

Damage to window placed at $1,200, passengers loaded onto different bus

UW-Madison Campus

UWPD to add officer position off campus in Langdon St. area

Downtown Liason Officer to replace leaving MPD officer for Langdon St.

City of Madison

20,000 tickets sold for Madison’s 2019 Freakfest

There were no major incidents and, as of 1:30 a.m., only two arrests

City of Madison

Finance Committee rejects adding new officers to MPD

Committee approved funding for police auditor position


A diverse police forces makes for more effective service

As Wisconsin State Police work to expand their force, they must commit to ensuring positive impact on communities

City of Madison

Ad Hoc Committee recommendations focus on civilian oversight of MPD

Report included 117 recommendations total

City of Madison

Man arrested in connection with Langdon Street gunfire

MPD says one arrest was made and additional arrests are expected

City of Madison

MPD report reveals difference in arrest trends

Gap in arrest rates between males and females does not appear until adulthood