City of Madison

Sexual assault charges dropped against former Madison Lyft driver

Charges dropped by prosecution just days before trial

UW-Madison Campus

MPD investigates armed robbery at Library Mall

Area now safe for students, police remain in area

City of Madison

Battery over marijuana reported on State Street

Suspect punched victim repeatedly in head, upper body


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City of Madison

City Council to launch UWPD off-campus citations pilot program

Program will process some citations in municipal instead of county court, reducing cost to students

City of Madison

Madison police implement new use of force training

Training to help officers deal with combative suspects will not replace state mandated training

UW-Madison Campus

UWPD lacks Langdon area relationship MPD had in past

Report reveals UWPD had 'poor, almost non-existent relationship' with Greek life

City of Madison

Greek life voices concerns over Figueroa’s resignation

Langdon neighborhood officer left MPD ahead of scheduled reassignment in January because of lack of funding, support

City of Madison

Man jumps into Metro bus’s front window, is taken into custody

Damage to window placed at $1,200, passengers loaded onto different bus