The Student Services Finance Committee continued a “great start” to the school year with the eligibility hearings for Badger Catholic and Veterans, Educators and Traditional Students at their Thursday evening meeting.

SSFC also approved the eligibility of Supporting Peers in Laidback Listening, a peer-to-peer network composed of University of Wisconsin students for other UW students, by a 13-0-2 vote.

Badger Catholic president Kayla VanDyke and Badger Catholic treasurer Zackery Crafton discussed various core and supporting programs Badger Catholic plans to host during the school year for UW students.

One core program, Alpha Omega, helps Badger Catholic encourage spiritual growth for UW students, Crafton said. The large group event allows students to learn and participate in faith discussions with knowledgeable speakers and guests, he added.

“It is definitely an educational benefit for the students through the faith-based learning,” Crafton said. “You learn a lot about leadership, and there is also volunteer opportunities to be part of the Alpha Omega team.”

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Several SSFC members asked VanDyke and Crafton for clarification on program details such as attendance tracking and specific locations Badger Catholic members help at like the UW Arboretum and the UW Multicultural Student Center, as these groups are required to meet certain standards to receive SSFC funding.

VETS members also discussed their core and support programs they have like the American flags on Bascom Hill for 9/11. Seth Bruce, the former VETS president, said the roll call list contains the names of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attack victims and service members who have died since the attacks is also part of VETS program.

“That’s mostly geared toward civic knowledge and engagement,” Bruce said. “Actually putting an event toward remembering what happened, remembering why we are in Afghanistan right now.”

Hayley Cleghorn/The Badger Herald

Bruce said the VETS event called Women and the Draft was another part of educating students interested in becoming healthcare professionals. The event was created by members during the spring 2017 semester and covered topics such as military sexual trauma and some basic knowledge of the military branches.

SSFC members expressed their appreciation for the programs they do to remember September 11, 2001.

Rep. Max Goldfarb and Vice Chair Kristi Parsons asked VETS about groups they partner with for some of their programs.

VETS Vice President Torrey Tiedeman said they work with groups like College Democrats and College Republicans during the year for some programs.

SSFC will vote on the eligibility of Badger Catholic and VETS at their Thursday evening meeting.