Police arrest suspect in Langdon Street sexual assault early Sunday morning

Lyft driver gained access to victim's apartment after asking to use the bathroom

State of Wisconsin

Republican attempts to limit executive power in light of Evers win may prove unsuccessful, UW experts say

Evers begins transition amid Republican attempts to limit gubernatorial power


Citizens must stay informed through reliable news sources to combat work of Russain trolls

Because of Trump's attacks on media, knowing who to trust more difficult, yet more important than ever


Responsible anonymous sourcing enhances news coverage

Media outlets such as The New York Times have protected identities of valued sources, providing consumers with crucial insights

UW-Madison Campus

Badger Catholic, VETS introduce eligibility requirements during SSFC hearings

VETS program will also include educational initiatives for 2017


Why, and how, to get informed about what’s going on in government

Americans need to take the time to become more educated about their own government

UW-Madison Campus

Wisconsin political reporters hand down advice in turbulent times for journalism

Journalists covering state beat discussed importance of reporting on government, politics


News is a consumer good, too — be healthy, responsible

With more and more fake news finding its way into the mainstream, paying attention to what we read is a must


Agriculture experts attempt to dispel myths, inform public on GMOs

GMOs are as safe as non-GMO foods for consumers, panelists said

City of Madison

Dane County Board votes to expand housing for homeless

Supervisors also voted to oppose President Donald Trump's recent executive order