What is Demi Lovato’s beef with a small-business yogurt shop?

Lovato goes up against a small business over frozen yogurt

· Apr 26, 2021 Tweet

Meghan Horvath/The Badger Herald

Trigger warning: eating disorders, drug addiction

Demi Lovato has taken major heat recently after she posted to her social media calling out a locally-owned Los Angeles frozen yogurt shop for supposedly perpetuating diet culture.

The star has battled eating disorders since a young age and has spoken publicly about her struggles many times. According to her social media posts, Lovato felt uncomfortable while in the shop because they carried sugar-free cookies and other diet foods. Some of the packaging featured messages like “guilt-free,” something that contributes to the idea that food is good or bad which can be triggering for people who struggle with eating.

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The frozen yogurt shop, The Bigg Chill, responded in a post of their own explaining that they carry many different products for people with dietary restrictions like diabetes or Celiac disease. The feud went back and forth with Lovato posting screenshots of DMs she had sent the company and going live on Instagram to express her feelings about the situation.

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In the Instagram Live, Lovato apologized for her comments but explained that she didn’t realize that the products might be for people with certain dietary needs, and she felt the need to speak up because she wished someone had when she was younger.

Many people were frustrated with Lovato for using her massive platform to call out a small business. After her post, Lovato’s fans left thousands of bad reviews for the Bigg Chill, leading many to believe she was using her influence to harm a local business in a time when they are already struggling due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition, some saw Lovato’s rant as entitled and pointed out that others are not responsible for someone’s triggers.

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Lovato has been back in the public eye after the recent release of her documentary “Dancing with the Devil” on Youtube detailing her experiences recovering from an overdose that nearly killed her in 2018. She has also faced criticism for her choice to remain what she calls “California sober,” and continuing to use marijuana during her recovery.


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