TBH… we were rooting for you. WE WERE ALL ROOTING FOR YOU! We had so much faith in you. We were expecting the best season of the Bachelor with Peter the Pilot but instead, we were given disappointment once a week from a man who could LITERALLY FLY. Meghan and Harry split from Queen E and Kobe and Gianna became angels. Tough start, man, tough start.


TBH… you were probably the least memorable month. That is a good thing. Do not let it get to your head. Donald Trump was impeached (slay) and Bong Joon Ho made his Oscars kiss. It was chill.


TBH… you lasted about a year. From the stock market having its worst drop ever, to COVID-19 entering the U.S. with some Italian cooking, to puzzles becoming cool, to everyone finally caving and getting a TikTok — this month felt like it would never end. March 2020, you will be one that we talk about for a while, you infamous 31-day feign. On a personal note, my dog of 16 years died. I do not miss you, March (which is not the name of my dog. I DO miss Pumpkin).

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TBH… everyone thought Kim Jong Un died, remember? April, you were wack because March felt like it lasted forever, and then you kinda just snuck by. The weather started improving here, so that’s good. I don’t really remember you though. Sorry not sorry xoxo.


TBH… the seniors graduated in their own way and the murder of George Floyd awakened the world. May, you brought an energy of frustration and activism. You were the month that made us wake up and realize that we had to change things. I like you, May. You are one powerful month.


TBH… SUMMER TIME!!!! The weather got good and we all started getting tan. The Black Lives Matter conversation continued and we started getting amped for the presidential election. Things were looking up. I grouped all of you guys together because frankly, you really all blended. No offense though, the summer was great. I miss you guys 🙁 


TBH… school began! We got through just a couple weeks before Sellery and Witte became lockdown sites and classes turned all remote. The bars were open and people seemed to not know we were in a pandemic, but it was nice to see Madison alive again.

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TBH… were you registered to vote? October was spent gearing up for the presidential election. The weather continued being beautiful, Graham Mertz played an amazing game and then got COVID-19 and the Fresh Cool Drinks food truck continued to supply the entire student body with lunch.


TBH… COVID-19 got bad again. Biden won and the city erupted in joy. Thanksgiving happened, and a lot of us said goodbye to Madison for the year. I kinda forget what else happened… exams? We all spent a lot of time staring at our phones.


TBH… please just chill until the New Year, okay? We are all so tired. Please. Also give everyone 4.0s this semester. Ok love you I’m glad you’re finally here<3