The University of Wisconsin Student Services Finance Committee continued discussions on the General Student Services Fund Thursday.

The SSFC did not have enough members present to vote on any new measures. The members that were there took the meeting time to further discuss potential changes to the GSSF application process.

The GSSF funds the annual budgets of qualifying student organizations. The budgets cover student hourly wages and operational and programming costs. To apply for funding, organizations must fill out an eligibility and budget application. Currently, the GSSF funds 15 student organizations.

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Associated Students of Madison Funding Advisor Abbie Wagaman proposed creating an ad hoc committee that would meet outside of the regular SSFC meeting hours to create recommendations for what a future GSSF application could look like. These recommendations would then be brought to SSFC meetings to be voted on by committee members.

The ad hoc committee would be temporary and would consist of a small group of SSFC members. Wagaman said the ad hoc committee could also potentially include other students who are not SSFC members but are interested in updating the GSSF application process.

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Wagaman suggested the ad hoc committee could be an alternative option, so the committee is not confined by attendance requirements when discussing the GSSF application. Since the ad hoc committee would not be legislative, they would not need to reach an attendance quorum in order to make decisions and create recommendations.

SSFC Chair Lennox Owino supported the idea of creating an ad hoc committee. Rep. David Luján also supported the idea but said he wants to ensure every member of SSFC has an equal opportunity to join the ad hoc committee if they want to.

SSFC next meets Thursday, March 30.