The Student Services Finance Committee met Monday to discuss budget proposals from Diverse Leaders for Tomorrow, University Health Services and Recreation and Wellbeing.

The committee discussed RecWell’s budget from their last meeting. RecWell’s budget request if approved would result in a $10 increase for student segregated fees. RecWell has a non-allocable budget, meaning SSFC can make recommendations about what their budget should look like to best serve the needs of students but they cannot make direct amendments or changes. The Chancellor is ultimately in charge of approving the budgets of RecWell and other non-allocable organizations.

SSFC Rep. Roshan Verma motioned for a recommendation that RecWell pursue private sponsorships in order to help alleviate the segregated fee burdens.

SSFC Rep. Charlie Fahey supported the recommendation, adding that RecWell should pursue the sponsorships with student input. The vote on this recommendation came to eight in favor and three in abstention.

After the recommendations provided by the representatives of the committee, SSFC approved the budget for RecWell with nine in favor and two in abstention.

Following the decision on RecWell’s budget, SSFC discussed UHS’ budget proposal for the fiscal year of 2023. UHS also has a non-allocable budget.

SSFC Rep. Kevin Jacobson recommended that the University of Wisconsin should devote additional resources toward violence prevention programs. Verma expressed his support toward the recommendation.

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“I think this is very important and it’s something that student organizations and UHS has talked to us about,” Verma said.

The vote on the second recommendation passed unanimously. SSFC came to a vote on UHS’ budget with eight in favor, one against and two in abstention, provided the recommendations discussed are met.

SSFC also heard a budget presentation from Chief Executive Officer of DLT Jordan Kennedy. Their core programs include resume and interview workshops, a pre-college membership program, a local apprenticeship program and DLT membership training. SSFC will come to a decision on this proposal at their next meeting.

SSFC’s next meeting is going to be held Thursday, March 3 at 6 p.m. The agenda and presented materials for the meeting can be found here.