ASM elects Lampron, Owino as new leadership for 28th session

'Their work ethics rival none, as they will do whatever it takes to create meaningful change in a system designed for failure,' former ASM chair says

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The University of Wisconsin Associated Students of Madison elected Adrian Lampron and Lennox Owino as the next chair and vice chair of the council on Saturday.

Lampron received 24 out of 30 possible votes, making them the first non-binary individual to hold the position of ASM chair. Lampron said in a written statement to The Badger Herald they were inspired to run because of the 27th session’s work throughout the year.

Lampron said the council helped shed light on student issues which campus leaders and administrators did not address or fix.

“Their work to ensure international telecommuting students were paid for their labor and that SD/UD grading is an option this semester really showed me the power of strong student advocacy,” Lampron said.

Lampron said the transition to office has been hectic, but they feel prepared to take on the challenge of leading the body thanks to their experience working with the previous two chairs. This background contributed to their well-rounded understanding of the role, Lampron said.

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Owino said the support of former leadership, such as that of former ASM Chair Matthew Mitnick, helped him feel prepared to take on the role of vice chair next year.

“Having served in the 27th session as a council member and as the chair of the ASM Nominations Board, my transition has been smooth given that I already know what it takes to assist in the leadership of this organization,” Owino said.

Mitnick said in a written statement to The Badger Herald Lampron and Owino were both valuable partners in the council’s work to secure funding for a Crisis Response Team and COVID-19 Student Relief Fund. The final vote of the Reserve Board was a revamped COVID-19 relief fund made out of a compromise with UW admin, and Lampron and Owino will be instrumental in carrying it out, Mitnick said.

Mitnick said he believes the pair will do amazing things for students next year, as he has seen firsthand their abilities to navigate difficult situations while remaining true to their morals.

“Their work ethics rival none, as they will do whatever it takes to create meaningful change in a system designed for failure,” Mitnick said. “From advocating for inclusive academic policies to creating equity, Adrian and Lennox will positively lead ASM.”

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Lampron said they hope this year’s team of students will be able to eventually meet in person. Lampron also said they look forward to creating a crisis response team on campus which will help address mental health-related calls for service in place of the police.

This summer, the City of Madison is piloting a similar program using the Crisis Assistance Helping Out On The Streets model. Lampron said they are excited to see how ASM can translate this work to campus.

“As the issues students are most passionate about shift as we move into the summer and fall, I can’t wait to see the innovative and powerful legislation that Student Council Representatives will bring forward,” Lampron said. “There is so much work to do in the coming year, and we definitely have the team to do it.”

Owino said he is excited to continue building ASM’s quest for shared governance at UW in addition to overseeing new campaigns focused on improving student life — especially for underrepresented communities on campus.

Owino said another one of his priorities includes reopening the Student Activity Center for the fall semester. Owino said he anticipates ASM will establish a safe way to ensure students have the ability to use the space while prioritizing the safety of SAC staff.


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