SSFC approves eligibility for Mecha, decreases Mecha’s budget by 4%

4% decrease reflects $2,000 reduction in overall budget

· Oct 19, 2020 Tweet

Savannah Kind/The Badger Herald

The Student Services Finance Committee approved General Student Services Fund eligibility for Mecha and approved their budget after making amendments that decreased it by 4%.

Vice Chair Graze D’Souza said Mecha’s budget presentation was detailed and reflected what the organization spent in past years. D’Souza recommended two budget amendments, to decrease honoraria spending in two categories, totaling an overall $2,000 decrease, or 4% of Mecha’s budget.

Rep. Jordan Pasbrig spoke about the amendment and agreed with D’Souza’s proposed changes.

“Looking at the historical spending for … honoraria, this is an appropriate decrease, [it is] in line with what has been spent in years past and will still allow for [Mecha] to execute the core program,” Pasbrig said. 

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After alterations were made, SSFC approved Mecha’s budget with a vote of 9-0-1.

Additionally during the meeting, the Muslim Students Association gave a GSSF eligibility and budget presentation to SSFC.

MSA President Baraa Manasrah said the organization plans to use GSSF funds to support speakers, food and group events next fiscal year. Mansarah said the group tried to be conservative in their budget requests because of uncertainties caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

SSFC will vote on MSA’s eligibility and budget request at Thursday’s meeting, which will take place at 6 p.m. on Zoom.


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