University Housing now charging quarantined students in Sellery, Witte for meals

'I don’t like how there’s basically no flexibility with the price, especially with limited options that don’t accommodate dietary restrictions very well,' UW Student says

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The University of Wisconsin began charging quarantined students in Witte and Sellery residence halls for meals on Saturday after serving free meals for two days.

UW placed all Witte and Sellery residents under a two-week quarantine Sept. 9. They delivered predetermined breakfasts and lunches outside the two residence halls the next day.

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Sept. 10, University Housing posted that Gordon Dining Hall, a central dining hall for Southeast dorms, would become exclusive for Witte and Sellery residents. Through Sept. 11, students received Gordon’s meals free of charge.

“Meals will no longer be delivered to your hall. Instead, you will have 30 minutes to select your to-go meal in the market and return to your residence hall,” University Housing said. “Meals will be charged to your Resident Dining Account at a flat rate of $4.99 per meal.”

According to University Housing, students with dietary restrictions and cheaper preferences pay the same flat rate as their peers.

Sellery Resident Joseph Cherny spoke via text about the changes made.

“Honestly, I don’t really mind,” Cherny said. “It is less expensive than what I was spending before and the options aren’t terrible.”

Cherny said he is not surprised University Housing made the switch because of economic losses the university is facing due to the pandemic.

Witte resident Hanna Malsch said the reversal felt unorganized.

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Witte resident Shiva Senthil said $4.99 is too expensive with Gordon as the only option for food.

“Before this, I could get meals of exactly what I wanted for less,” Senthil said. “I don’t mind that they are charging us because it makes sense that we have to pay for the food, but I don’t like how there’s basically no flexibility with the price, especially with limited options that don’t accommodate dietary restrictions very well.”

University Housing said they are working through issues — like the limited options given at Gordon.

University Housing released a statement informing residents quarantined at Sellery and Witte that food and grocery deliveries can be coordinated with drop-off tables outside the Sellery main entrance and Witte’s courtyard entrance.


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