Associated Students of Madison student council voted to support The University of Wisconsin’s Fair Trade certification at their April 1 meeting on Zoom.

With a vote of 11-0-2, the council approved legislation that supports UW through the Fair Trade certification process. Sustainability Committee Chair Sanauz Alaei said the Office of Sustainability and the Labor Codes and Licensing Advisory Committee co-sponsored the bill.

Alaei said UW has to pass a resolution on the certification through a governing body as part of the process to become Fair Trade certified.

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“Fair Trade Campaign is a certifying body that recognizes cities, schools, congregations and universities that incorporate Fair Trade into their operations policies,” Alaei said. 

There are five UW system schools and four Big 10 schools working towards this certification as well, Alaei said.

Chair Laura Downer said Zoom will most likely be used again for the ASM student council meeting on April 15.