The Associated Students of Madison held a meeting on Wednesday evening about a recent student government conference this past weekend with representatives from all universities.

The chairs gave a presentation about the Association of Big 10 Students conference that they had attended the previous weekend at Indiana University

Chair Laura Downer spoke about the conference. She said they participated in round table discussions about student government. 

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“The mission is to increase information sharing and networking among student government orgs and serve as an action collective and voice of the Big 10 conference,” Downer said.

The conference also included formal legislative sessions about sustainability and climate conscious investments, Downer said. 

Sustainability Chair Sanauz Alaei discussed the sustainability topics brought up at the conference.

“We want to have a network between our schools and to encourage Big 10 universities to freeze investments in fossil fuels to promote sustainability,” Alaei said.

The association also discussed ethnic studies and sustainability general education requirements at the conference to raise awareness and education. In addition, they brainstormed ways to increase voter turnout, Downer said. 

Legislative Affairs Chair Katie Malloy spoke about the association’s initiative to encourage student voters. 

“A big push is for schools to make election day a holiday in order to make voting more accessible to students,” Malloy said.

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Representative Yogev Ben-Yitschak said the assembly recently passed state legislation to include the national suicide hotline on the back of all student ID cards.

With the 2020 election coming up this year, the council said they will be working to encourage student voter registration.

ASM will sponsor a Voter Palooza March 6th to register students to vote. Also, ASM will offer training to help volunteers approach students.

The next ASM meeting will be February 12th at 6:30pm in the Student Activities Center.