The newly-formed University of Wisconsin Student Inclusion Coalition released a video entitled “Home is Where WI Aren’t” Tuesday night.

The video depicts people holding signs stating some of the ways UW is not inclusive and has voiceover from multiple people explaining the signs.

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The video begins with voiceover saying UW was built on stolen land, specifically Ho-Chunk land.

“Small plaques cannot fathom the trauma inflicted on indigenous communities, specifically Ho-Chunk people, this university has wronged,” the video says.

The video went on to list other concerns with UW including the need for a more comprehensive ethnic studies curriculum, more diversity among faculty and students, and the need for more culturally accommodating dietary options in dining halls.

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The video also said UW needs to fund retention programs that support students of color across all majors. The video says UW needs to acknowledge the value contributions from students of color have.

“You tokenize us for recruitment but ignore our contributions and yet claim to support diversity and inclusion,” the video says.

The video ended with voiceover that said that UW did not provide a home for them, they had to create one for themselves.

The video can be seen below.