ASM committee allocates funds for email-based student support network

Sex Out Loud violates student worker hours

· Oct 18, 2016 Tweet

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Student Services Finance Committee approved student organization Supporting Peers in Laidback Listening proposed budget of $50,400 without any changes for the upcoming fiscal year of 2017-2018 Monday.

Supporting Peers in Laidback Listening, known as Badger SPILL, is an online, confidential peer-to-peer support system for college students. Their goal is to let other students know they are never alone in any problem or experience they are going through.

Students can vent about any type of problem they’re experiencing and get support, feedback and resources from other students who have dealt with that particular problem. Both sides remain anonymous.

The student requesting support will receive responses within 24-48 hours, and they only accept requests from “” emails.

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The committee also discussed recent violations of student work hours of Sex Out Loud. Sex Out Loud facilitator, Ayden Prehara, worked 21 hours in a single week during the pay period September 4 to September 17.

According to SSFC Standing Rules, no student employee is allowed to work more than 20 hours in a single week without a wage exemption form.

Members proposed freezing the organizations budget until January 17, 2017, but agreed that violation was a general policy violation and not a wage policy violation.

The committee decided Sex Out Loud must provide a written plan outlining steps that will be taken to prevent future general policy violations to SSFC within five business days.

The committee also held a budget hearing for F.H. King, a student organization focused on promoting sustainable agriculture on campus.


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