The Student Services Finance Committee met Monday, Sept. 14 to determine Greater University Tutoring Services’ eligibility and discuss that of Sex Out Loud.

Sex Out Loud eligibility

Project Coordinator and University of Wisconsin senior Nick Fetzner represented Sex Out Loud at their hearing.

Dedicated to promoting healthy sexuality through sex-positive education and activism, Sex Out Loud offers workshops throughout the year that are available to students and other student organizations. Looking to renew their eligibility, Fetzner delivered a presentation discussing the organization’s involvement on campus.

Fetzner explained the impact the organization has on campus as well as how they educate students through their peer-to-peer approach.

“The biggest thing we do, and dedicate most of our funding towards, is our sex education workshops,” Fetzner said. “Any person on the UW campus can request our workshops through our website, all we ask is that the group is more than eight students. But we do also offer in-office programs for smaller groups.”

The committee opened the floor for questions but later decided to come vote on the organization’s eligibility at the next meeting.

GUTS renews eligibility

SSFC also decided this week, the tutoring service, GUTS’, eligibility should be renewed.

The organization is now looking to become a part of SFFC’s ancillary fund.

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The ancillary fund is a separate fund group that SSFC uses to allocate funds to university groups. These are groups that still fit within the UW System’s segregated fee policy.

GUTS sparked the discussion by reaching the budget limit set for Greater Student Services Fund groups for the past three years. As a result, GUTS has not been able to grow or develop as an organization.

GUTS’ director Katherine Hayden said their focus is on their ability to provide for students on campus.

“For us, the biggest thing is stability and strategic planning,” Hayden said. “Having someone here full time, who could be a part of campus culture and get involved with initiatives is one of the biggest benefits to GUTS through this proposal. GUTS is such an important part of this campus and there’s so much we could do.”

GUTS’ eligibility was renewed with an 11-1 vote.