SPOTTED: UW turkey reveals itself for first time in 2017, deserves ticket for jaywalking

Why'd the turkey cross the road?

· Apr 19, 2017 Tweet

Alice Vagun/The Badger Herald

She has always been a sly mistress.

The infamous University of Wisconsin turkey miraculously reappeared in Madison after nearly one full year, again trying to pull one of her crazy stunts.

The turkey was spotted walking into oncoming traffic on West Johnson Street directly in front of Lumen House.

The turkey was a spectacle for oncoming runners and cars, especially for a woman who swerved to avoid that bold son of a chicken.

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Almost exactly a year ago, the turkey was “apprehended” for breaking into Science Hall, shattering a window in the process.

This time, the turkey was overtly determined to get where she needed to be, but with some distress.

Attempting to cross the street a mere three times to no avail, she made it approximately 5 feet across the road before realizing she must turn back on her quest.

It wasn’t until an unnamed miracle worker exited her car and shooed the turkey across the street, escorting her to safety.

Alice Vagun/The Badger Herald

The UW turkey was last seen safe on the Capitol side of West Johnson Street, and everyone went about their way.

She is a sly mistress indeed.


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