Home for the holidays: Things to do over break instead of accidentally killing your grandparents

Be honest, strutting your stuff up and down the aisles of your local Pick & Save is getting old


What your favorite Thanksgiving dish says about you!

Let’s ignore the fact Thanksgiving already happened, okay?

UW-Madison Campus

UW mandates COVID-19 testing as Wisconsin case count rises

'Where there isn’t aggressive testing at the University, then things could get out of control,' Alagoz says

State of Wisconsin

UW System requests flexibility to start semester early from Wisconsin legislature, Evers

UW System also requests open line of credit for more cash flow to support reopening efforts


Thanksgiving tankas to share at the dinner table

In response to Halloween haikus


UW students deserve a week off for Thanksgiving break

Limiting Thanksgiving break inconveniences staff, students, while adding little of value


Sylvee continues to host Midwestern phenoms with deM atlaS

At just 25-years-old, conscious poet Joshua Evans talks recent career path

UW-Madison Campus

Indigenous students celebrate Native November while navigating through struggles on campus

In response to lack of cultural competency on campus, Native students consistently organize spaces to celebrate culture, address key issues


Hitlist: Pump up songs to work off your post-Thanksgiving tummy

For those who need a little extra motivation to go to the gym after the holiday weekend


Hitlist: Hip songs your mom will like

Music to jam out to with your cool mom over Thanksgiving break

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