Thanksgiving tankas to share at the dinner table

In response to Halloween haikus

· Nov 19, 2019 Tweet

Alice Vagun/The Badger Herald

Last year, I brought you Halloween Haikus. In response, here are new Thanksgiving Tankas. Enjoy!


Turkey makes me full

Tryptophan envelops me

I am stuffed too full

Gobble gobble says the bird

Inside my stomach it rests


While I am on break

My mind will churn with new thoughts

Dreaming of research

On the inner mechanics

Of the Bascom steam tunnels

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Lick lick lick lick lick

Cranberry sauce is running

Down my brand new shirt

Ruining the hip new threads

My grandmother bought for me


TV plays football

But the players play football

And coaches play them

For much lower salaries

Contract negotiations

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My dog drips butter

Down her regal long hair coat

Because she forgot

It is best to eat turkey

Not from below the roaster


It is so cold now

Chilly bones shiver in fear

January’s nigh

And it will likely be worse

Enjoy this while it does last

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Colonial history

Thanksgiving perpetuates

Atrocities past

Should not be celebrated

In such a joyful manner


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