Freakfest was quite loud

The Badgers tried to slumber

Yet no rest was found


Ragstock is quite full

Of students on a search for

Devil horns and leis


Kooky campus-inspired costumes for your entire squadWell folks, it’s two weeks until Halloween as of Oct. 17. While some may be thinking of unimportant things such Read…


“Addresses?” She asked

No I replied with some gloom

‘Twas a lonely night


Pumpkins are rad fruits

They are not lame vegetables

Because they have seeds


I miss the old days

When candy corn filled me up

Instead of midterms


Spooky Story Corner part one: The ghost of midterms pastIt was a dark and stormy day in 3650 humanities. Suzy Snowden, wary of the dark spooks, just wanted to Read…

My costume this year

Is a great combination

Of sad-looking things


I am shivering 

Spooky scary skeletons 

Make my spine tingle