Thanksgiving was definitely different this year, but we can all agree — the food still slaps! Hopefully your Thxgvng was smaller than usual (bc u kno … the pandemic), so you probably have leftovers for dayssssss. 

Here is what your favorite dish (hot or straight from the refrigerator [like an absolute animal]) says about you.


You are basic, but in a good way. You are dependable and strong, and people often come to you for advice. You are a solid source of laughs and are sometimes quiet … but not shy. You may be really tall. For some reason I feel like if you like turkey the best, you are tall? Yes. You are tall.


You are quirky (probably self-proclaimed) and are a very good friend. You enjoy deep conversations and long walks on the beach. You have a really good laugh! You aren’t vegetarian but you have tried to be at different points but then you decide that meat is actually really good and maybe you’ll just start recycling more.

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Potatoes (any form)

You love dressing up and also love napping. You probably are the youngest child. You’re super chill and just love kicking it back with the boys/girlies. You are the type of person to go for a quick trip to the grocery store just for fun but end up buying a decent amount of groceries anyway. 

Cranberry sauce

You are really studious and probably have a ton of random allergies. You are very inclusive and love hiking. You always update your phone on time but then get confused on how to use it. You hate Snapchat streaks but love to use Snapchat. You like taking the stairs instead of using the elevator.


You are a really good hugger. You like cooking and should probably be an engineer (#unionsouth). You like the bottom of the bunk bed and if you could choose, you would always be wearing sweatpants. You always said you’d never get a Hydroflask but you secretly really want one or you currently have one. 

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Pumpkin pie 

You are the life of the party but you don’t get up before noon if you don’t have to. You often fall asleep in class, but it’s always an accident because you’ve had coffee earlier that day. You are very trustworthy and always start a journal but stop writing in it two weeks later. You love wearing baseball hats. 

Green bean casserole 

Gonna be honest here … I did not think this was anyone’s favorite. If this is your favorite you probably have amazing cooks in your family who can whip up an unreal green bean casserole. If this is your favorite it also means that you enjoy nice things in life but you work hard for them. Your favorite member of One Direction is Niall.