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New ‘Bachelorette’ season allows misogyny to resurface … in a fun way!

Break out the rosé and refresh your Twitter feed — the Trashiest Show on Television is back from its hiatus

After one of the most dramatic episodes to date, Bachelorette Clare Crawley left the show last week — hot fiancé in tow — leaving the citizens of Bachelor Nation as misogynistic as ever.

“The Bachelor” franchise quickly and diligently adapted to the coronavirus pandemic and thank God (aka Chris Harrison) for that. But, if you’ve been watching Clare’s “Bachelorette” season — or even if you haven’t been — you know one thing — she is a hot mess. And not the kind that’s fun to watch.

“It’s awful. I hate her. Why is she even on ‘The Bachelorette.’ She’s a nobody,” an anonymous source who I definitely don’t live with said.


Not only is Clare significantly older than the traditionally thin air-heads that grace the show, she’s just … weird. I wanted to cut the girl some slack, but her breathy seductions and “yeahhh’s” are just cringey.

“She’s a disgrace to our gender,” a secondary, nameless female source said. “She preaches about being this strong independent woman and all she does is fawn over this man.”

That’s what I’ve been saying – God forbid a woman knows what she wants in her dating life! It’s not reflective of the real world at all.

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Clare’s man in question is Dale — the tall glass of water that she proclaimed as her future husband on the first (1st, #1, uno, eins) episode. Disc scratch. Huh? You’re telling me that this is Clare’s FIFTH time on some version of the show (people forget about Winter Games), and she still doesn’t know the rules?

The producers THOUGHT they had all bases covered, but a single, nearly 40-year-old knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to ruin a season over it.

After about four antagonizing episodes, Dale proposed to Miss Crawley, leaving folks with their jaws on the fa-loor. If it wasn’t enough to hate her for personality, now we can hate her for ruining this pandemic season.

Who in the world thinks it reasonable to go on a dating show, find a single person to date and leave five weeks of free food and drink PLUS 20 other six-packed men behind?

We finally normalized polygamy, Clare.

So, I swear I’m, like, a feminist and stuff, but Clare made it so easy (and fun!) to hate her. It also gives me fuel to project that hatred onto the pretty srat girls at Urban Outfitters. (Since when are camo leggings in?)

My roommates, and all of America, have one problem now that Clare is off the show — her replacement, Tayshia Adams, is way more likable. Though possible, it’ll be hard for my household to roll our eyes and groan at every single move she’ll make. Tayshia is cute, young and doesn’t have fake boobs (probably).

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“I might stop watching. I want to support Tayshia, but I don’t know if ABC is ready for a strong female lead. Trust me, we got enough of that with Hannah B,” girl who’s getting a GWS certificate said.

This new replacement is leaving a lot in the open air. Does this mean we’ll have to start critiquing the men on the show? They don’t wear skimpy dresses, cry over nothing or act outwardly drunk. What do the producers expect — that we read into people’s actual character instead of the facades they clearly orchestrate with clever editing and emotional manipulation?

Seems wrong.

These men aren’t looking for drama — just love! Not to mention they left their “day jobs” for an unknown amount of time to pursue a blonde doggy mom they’ve only ever interacted with through a screen. We should be pitying these Common Sense Kings!

Regardless of what happens in the AC era (After Clare), I have a feeling I’m going to keep projecting my own insecurities onto televised women. Whether “The Bachelor” contributes to this unaddressed and suppressed misogyny is unclear.

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Wake me up when “Bachelor in Paradise” comes and catch me gawking at late-night hot tub hookups and swooning over Chris Harrison’s buttery, golden, ageless face.

Stay strong, Bachelor Nation. The time will soon come when Clare inevitably breaks off her engagement in a month and a half.

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