In the months following the election, there’s been a lot of talk about what newspapers should and shouldn’t publish. Despite the ideals of a free press, some publications have begun to limit the viewpoints and opinions they’re willing to represent. Now seems the opportune time to have an honest, rational and necessary discussion of this disturbing trend.

The gradual erosion of a free, unfettered press is a dangerous and concerning travesty, as it makes it harder for me to publish articles that make it clear that I am an asshole.

Many newspapers have begun to censor what they publish, refusing to run pieces deemed to be controversial, or against popular opinion. I feel this betrays the duty of journalists to exercise free speech and promote public discussion, and hampers my ability to advertise that I am an uninformed, inflammatory dipshit.

I’ve heard a lot of people use the word “shit head” to describe me. Some of these accusations were quite justified – I am in fact a hateful pest, and please believe me when I say that I stand firmly against anyone alleging that I am a kind-hearted, empathetic adult. These allegations hold no merit or logic.

Never in my life have I made an effort to accept diversity, act with kindness or confront my own biases, and I shouldn’t have to start because of some sensitive liberal journalists. This country was founded with the goal of providing personal liberties for all, and denying a truly free press limits my own ability to advocate for taking those liberties away from others. Without journalists that are dedicated to discourse and the exchange of ideas, I cannot advertise the fact that I am a deeply prejudiced, angry little boy.

Let me be clear on this point: We should be criticizing any impediment on the free press. Refusing to publish articles because of so-called “hate speech” or because of an objective lack of any valid citations is unacceptable, because it prevents me from broadcasting my deep and concerning intolerance. There is a massive difference between myself and somebody with a holistic, tolerant mindset, and I am completely against any restrictions that might make me seem like the latter.

As an American, I deserve the right to voice ill-informed, ignorant statements that make sweeping accusations and vilify entire demographics. Enabling this right is the duty of the free press – their self-censorship is despicable, as it means I might have to consider more rational, tolerant alternatives to my remarkably narrow world view.

Please, I implore you, stop silencing the truth and consider the consequences of doing so. Every time you refuse to publish an article because it is inaccurate, damaging and openly biased, you stifle the shrill, angry voice of a seething little piss baby like me.