Daily Cardinal voted campus staple alongside Red Shed, bathrooms in Van Hise

The people have spoken! Campus finally celebrates the Dirty Bird for their top notch work

Dirty Bird

Photo Essay: The Dirty Birb goes on spring break!

Everyone's been asking: What did the Dirty Bird staff do over spring break? Here's your answer, in photos.

Dirty Bird

Tales from the deep: The Vilas Floods of 2019

Yes, we know it's April. Why do you ask?

Dirty Bird

Grainger Hall is slowly disappearing before our very eyes thanks to one committed senior

What started as an event on Facebook has become Ferguson Barker's whole life

Dirty Bird

Recipes for upcoming St. Patrick’s Day celebrations

Oh boy I can't wait for St. Patrick's Day 2019

Dirty Bird

All the way from beautiful Madison, Wisconsin, here’s yet another take on Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Despite having our own representatives who are relevant to campus, I'm going to instead talk about AOC. Again.

Dirty Bird

Hornibrook decides to stay in Madison, lead cup stacking team

Florida is warm, but it doesn't have a cup stacking team


Gentle Clowns to face off against unintentionally satirical pamphlet waivers Saturday

Dirty Birds begin with advantage of not having celebrated 4/20 day before, because they are all nerds, losers, geeks

Dirty Bird

There was supposed to be a concert review here, but I fell asleep

Snooze you win


Dirty Birds will go back to FAKE NEWS after ferocious Gentle Clown victory this Saturday

Expert analysts predict Gentle Clowns will at the very least out-drink the Dirty Birds

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