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‘Clap for Credit’: How Music 113 opens UW music department to all students

Students in one-credit course study chamber music, attend concert series

UW-Madison Campus

Julia Stern gives first talk at Humanities Without Boundaries Lecture Series

Julia Stern discusses old and new scholarly pursuits at UW-Madison lecture series

UW-Madison Campus

Zoe Bayliss residents protest current location’s demolition to build Levy Hall

Residents of last co-op on UW campus urge students to sign petition to save building or receive adequate replacement

Science News

Exhaustive UW History of Cartography project nears completion

Researchers are set to finish fifth, final volume of History of Cartography after 40 years of work

Madtown Crier

Madtown Crier: Week of Oct. 12

This week's selection of events feature mix of music, humanities to enrich your week


Artist showcase: Ian Van D.’s Vacant Rites

Check out a strange new art exhibit at the humanities building


How music education closed due to outbreak

Recap on how UW’s music education began its decline with the outbreak


Mickey Mouse Degrees: Music majors have a larger workload than it seems

First article in new segment, Mickey Mouse Degrees, where music majors are analyzed for their intense workload


University’s focus on employability makes demise of the ‘well-rounded student’ inevitable

University is trending away from its purpose, but students should not give up hope


‘Displaced Horizons’ presents water scarcity through multimedia project

Third event funded by the The Holtz Center for Science and Technology Studies gives rare look into inequality of resource

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