State of Wisconsin

‘Rape is a preference’: UW-Stevens Point students harassed by group touring around UW campuses

Students felt group took advantage of freedom of speech


UW protest guidelines too broad to be effective, may inhibit peaceful protest on campus

Subjectivity of guidelines may condemn protests that were once considered peaceful


Conservatives’ self-victimization on college campuses is getting old

Freedom of speech not good enough excuse to target already marginalized groups


Politicians shouldn’t exploit taxpayer dollars for personal gain

After controversial settlement over free speech lawsuit comes question about sincerity of activism


New campus free speech policy draws mixed responses from UW students, staff members at panel

Panel members explore implications for individual rights, protests, censorship


Wisconsin GOP congressional candidate Paul Nehlen banned from Twitter, and rightfully so

Regardless of media forum, racist imagery objectively has no place in American politics

UW-Madison Campus

UW faculty join students for free speech debate to discuss how exposure to dissenting viewpoints affects college experience

Dialogue raises concerns about greater issues across college campuses, function of universities in society

UW-Madison Campus

Transcript: The Badger Herald sits down with Chancellor Rebecca Blank

Blank discusses free speech, campus safety, campus climate, religious diversity, Foxconn


This Thanksgiving, be thankful for the right to protest

In a time as politically polarized as 2017, we should be thankful for the First Amendment


Raising issues with controversial opinions better than silencing them to avoid offense

Silencing opinions that some deem harmful antithetical to free speech