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A heartfelt thank you to a place that gave me memories, lessons, friendships of a lifetime

After four unbelievable years, my goodbye to The Badger Herald

UW-Madison Campus

UW to ban TikTok on university-owned devices

Decision comes after UW System announces ban of TikTok on system-owned devices last month


Facing fears through making mistakes with the best people

From crying in Bascom Hall after I thought I flopped my first big story to somehow becoming EIC, to say I've grown during my time at the Herald is an understatement...

UW-Madison Campus

Badger Herald alumnus, veteran journalist to be UW’s winter commencement speaker

Veteran congressional journalist Manu Raju is excited to return to his alma mater to address new graduates


Sense of forgiveness: Former ‘Seinfeld’ writer reflects on cancel culture, making it in writing

The Badger Herald cameos in writer's most recent novel


Spring Superlatives: Where The Badger Herald staff will be in 20 years

After the semester, our staff has gotten to know each other pretty well - here is where we think we will be down the road

UW-Madison Campus

Great power, greater responsibility: The media’s role in reporting, combating rape culture

Though media can make mistakes, panelists agreed it is always striving to combat sexual violence, assault

Dirty Bird

White boy power brings revolution to open mic night

'Wonderwall' moved us, man

Dirty Bird

Interview with Berdie Jones, musical experimentalist

Incredible things to happen at Churchkey performance

Dirty Bird

Breathtaking photography displayed at Union South

We just can't believe our eyes

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