An elite group of University of Wisconsin student artists are to display their breathtaking photography at an exhibit at Union South, running all next week. The Dirty Bird had the chance to observe these photos and speak with the students about their photography.

This photo captures a minimalist approach, which is all of the hype in contemporary photography. It’s evident the photographer gathered objects essential for office life, including a brand-spanking-new yellow watch, which belongs in an office laden with technology — she must always know the time, so help her God. Notice the precarious position of her mouse, though the photographer insisted during an interview, “This was not staged.”

Perhaps one of the most powerful pictures in our collection, this image captures friendship at its finest. They may incessantly squabble, but they’ll be damned if they don’t get a good picture at the beach. What’s particularly amazing is the timing and seemingly effortless maneuver to morph their bodies into a heart, signifying the exquisite nature of these women’s sisterhood. It’s been said that immediately after this photo was taken, both girls fell to the ground, wailing out in pain. They may have thrown their backs out, but at least the photo is Instagram-worthy.

This image effortlessly captures emotion, as clearly indicated by the whirlwind of feelings the model is experiencing as he transitions from a happy face to a sad one. His eyes say it all, the effort made such a powerful transition in front of the camera. When asked about the mysterious white substance on his face and body, the photographer confidently responded, “I have no idea how that got there.”

Here is the classic embodiment of the father-son dynamic, effortlessly captured and very candid, as evident by the little boy’s bulging eyes that simply scream, “There is no way in heck I’m posing for this photo.” The viewer can only wonder what the two are discussing, and how on earth they set up that hammock.

This photo captures what can only be described as a “Boy Flying Happy Boy Awesome Amazing Boy Happiness.” His index fingers shooting up toward the sky can only imply his unwavering self-confidence — “I’m number one!”, he seems to scream. Behind the scenes of the photoshoot perhaps proves to be the most interesting. “His vocabulary was limited to ‘Suh, dude,’ ‘Fo sho,’ and ‘Sick,” but I feel as if I’ve embodied the modern American young adult male. I’ve found it.”