Dirty Bird

(Dirty Bird) Update: My foot doesn’t smell as bad as it looks

My big toe doesn't add to any sort of stench, so stop getting grossed out and claiming my feet stink


‘Sun violence’ incidences in Madison leave MPD strained for resources, unable to address actual problems

Sunburns affecting predominately white people enrage Wisconsinites


Why musical movies need to be canceled

Spoiler: It's because they're annoying


Freshman passes out walking up Bascom Hill, causes human avalanche

'I mean, everyone hears stories about the human avalanches on Bascom, but you never think that it can happen to you,' student says


Humor Me: Peeling back layers of Scott Dikkers’ satirical media empire The Onion

CEO Scott Dikkers presents 'The Funny Story Behind Funny Stories' as part of UW Distinguished Lecture Series


The Banter Herald: What it’s like being only funny person on staff

Banter editor is funniest, sexiest person on staff, according to everybody


‘Jojo Rabbit’ is a jaw-dropping take on satire

Mixed reviews from critics, praise from general audiences begs you to check out, form opinion on Oscar hopeful WWII satire 'Jojo Rabbit'


‘Football feels’ real condition, strikes many UW students

Diagnose your football-induced emotions with this handy manual


Spooky Story Corner: The menacing gargle

Part 2 of the 2019 serial

Dirty Bird

Tales from the deep: The Vilas Floods of 2019

Yes, we know it's April. Why do you ask?

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