Trying to find happiness while taking O-chem? Here’s a guide

Though I may be changing my major in the near future, here are some coping mechanisms that have been keeping me sane so far


Pre-gaming discussion sections: How to absolutely send it in 2021

Time to bring back this classic Madison pastime


Cheating! We did it last year, let’s keep it going

Gone are days of dual monitor cheating set-ups, here come days of actually having to study


How to Not Look Like an Anti-Masker

Three quick fixes to go from "mah freedum bruther" to "I'm fully vaccinated YEEHAW"


Low-carb munchies to try this 4/20!

Eating green while smoking green is possible, people!


Connecting with your Irish ancestry this St. Patty’s Day

Don't let the pandemic put a damper on your belligerent intoxication


If your picky friend won’t try hummus, suggest these fool-proof dishes that please the masses

It takes years to enjoy peas, but it takes one bite to obsess over these easy-to-eat meals


Home for the holidays: Things to do over break instead of accidentally killing your grandparents

Be honest, strutting your stuff up and down the aisles of your local Pick & Save is getting old


Last-minute Halloween costumes for subpar people

Let your personal life reflect your school life, procrastinate until you're forced to give a mediocre performance


Honorlock your relationship

New technology allows for relationships to thrive in super non-toxic way

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