Cheating! We did it last year, let’s keep it going

Gone are days of dual monitor cheating set-ups, here come days of actually having to study


How to Not Look Like an Anti-Masker

Three quick fixes to go from "mah freedum bruther" to "I'm fully vaccinated YEEHAW"


Low-carb munchies to try this 4/20!

Eating green while smoking green is possible, people!


Connecting with your Irish ancestry this St. Patty’s Day

Don't let the pandemic put a damper on your belligerent intoxication


If your picky friend won’t try hummus, suggest these fool-proof dishes that please the masses

It takes years to enjoy peas, but it takes one bite to obsess over these easy-to-eat meals


Home for the holidays: Things to do over break instead of accidentally killing your grandparents

Be honest, strutting your stuff up and down the aisles of your local Pick & Save is getting old


Last-minute Halloween costumes for subpar people

Let your personal life reflect your school life, procrastinate until you're forced to give a mediocre performance


Honorlock your relationship

New technology allows for relationships to thrive in super non-toxic way


Uncovered gem: Witte resident’s quarantine log

Resident lived miserable, 'hard to watch' life


Poor wifi connection, strong emotional connection: Finding love on Zoom

BBCollaborate, Webex, Microsoft Teams are all waiting for you and that special someone to finally connect

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