UW-Madison Campus

Apple ordered to pay WARF new total of $506 million for patent infringement

U.S. District Judge William Conley added $272 million to the original amount

UW-Madison Campus

Despite increased cost of living and stagnant wages, UW custodians continue finding enjoyment in caring for campus

Janitors are paid between $11 and $14 an hour for work which is often unpleasant, yet some say interactions with students brings meaning and enjoyment to their work

UW-Madison Campus

ASM leaders hope to improve working relationships, financial transparency in upcoming session

After a contentious last session, ASM Chair Katrina Morrison hopes to provide a voice for all students on campus

UW-Madison Campus

UHS replaces Tonight program, looks to broaden conversation about sexual violence

U Got This! will be required for all first-year, incoming transfer students

State of Wisconsin

Bipartisan bill looks to address teenage dating violence in Wisconsin schools

Bill would help define dating violence, give model age-appropriate instruction about preventing, responding to dating violence

UW-Madison Campus

Everything you need to know about SnapRyde: The social networking, car-sharing app coming to UW campus

SnapRyde is about 50 percent cheaper than other car-sharing apps such as Uber and Lyft

UW-Madison Campus

Former UW student Alec Shiva pleads guilty to sexual assault

Shiva also pleaded guilty to two other felonies, two misdemeanors

UW-Madison Campus

UWPD vehicle struck by driver, no serious injuries reported

Lt. Cherise Caradine's K-9, Casey, was not present during crash

UW-Madison Campus

Decision to expel Cook final after two appeals

Cook appealed to both Chancellor Rebecca Blank, Board of Regents

UW-Madison Campus

Windsurfer killed in collision with UW lifesaving boat

After closing Thursday, Outdoor UW, Hoofer Sailing Club will reopen Friday