City bus transit changes to have minimal affect on UW student routes

Metro redesign will close two campus stops, nearby alternatives will remain open

· Nov 29, 2023 Tweet

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Fifteen bus stops on the Metro transit routes in Madison are closing Dec. 3 as the next phase of the Metro redesign process that began over the summer, according to District 8 Alder MGR Govindarajan.

There are two stops on campus, University at Lake and University at Frances, that will directly affect students, but the disruptions should not be too severe because of the close proximity of other bus stops, Govindarajan said.

“The lack of these stops honestly will not have a huge impact,” Govindarajan said. “Just because there’s going to be two other stops on either side, just a block away.”

The Metro redesign went into effect in June, with route changes and the switching of numbered routes to lettered routes for most buses besides those on campus. Some minor changes occurred in September when students returned to campus, according to an Instagram post by Govindarajan.

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Next summer, the University at Park and University and Frances stops will close and be replaced by a new Bus Rapid Transit platform in-between at University and East Campus Mall, essentially moving the stop at University and Lake to a new location, Govindarajan said.

Almost the same process will be happening with the W Johnson at N Park and W Johnson at N Frances stops, which are being replaced with a BRT platform at East Campus Mall, Govindarajan said.

There was a proposal to close two more stops on campus, Campus at Babcock and University at Randall, that were voted against by the alders due to the high amount of students who use these stops, Govindarajan said.

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“They were not closed because they are the first and only source for students living in Hilldale and the west side of the city to come to campus,” Govindarajan said. “They serve as the only real way to get to the academic buildings in Lakeshore, to Lakeshore dorms or engineering mall … discussion did take place and the City Council and Transportation Commission decided to keep them.”

There will also be scheduling changes happening to bus routes through the city, with minimal changes that will affect campus, according to Govindarajan. Bus routes A and B will have more buses added to their routes to help with reliability and consistency because delays are often seen with these specific routes.

More information about the specific changes to the bus schedules can be found on the City of Madison transit website.


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