City of Madison

Metro Transit proposes moving more buses off of State Street, with Bus Rapid Transit to replace some buses in area

'Transit is really our long-range plan,' Madison Director of Transportation says

City of Madison

Common Council unanimously passes 2020 budgets

2020 operating budget is $340.7 million

City of Madison

City council passes $40 wheel tax, effective Feb. 1

Mayor Rhodes-Conway says tax is only way to fund BRT

City of Madison

Bus Rapid Transit to be implemented by 2024

The City of Madison plans to develop a new bus rapid transit system that will drastically reduce ride time

City of Madison

Mayor announces new project to implement bus rapid transit system in Madison

MetroForward estimated to decrease travel times, make transportation more accessible for everyone


Rhodes-Conway rapidly pursues solutions to transportation inaccessibility

In pursuit of expanding public transportation, Rhodes-Conway's development of Bus Rapid Transit plan is progressive, productive


Editorial Board: Fall 2019 stories to watch

From free speech, to police practices, to juuling, let the Badger Herald Editorial Board be your guide


Campaigning for change: Rhodes-Conway names affordable housing, public transportation as two key platform points approaching April’s election

As the April 2 mayoral election approaches, Rhodes-Conway reiterates the importance of community and political collaboration to enact change within Madison

City of Madison

Transportation committee discusses potential for new bus system

Survey reports people wanting faster, more frequent buses

City of Madison

Bus Rapid Transit kick-off meeting highlights plans for future of transit

BRT will look to streamline ridership time

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